MVS Blandford Ltd

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MOT (from £35)
MOT tests can be carried out on your car up to one month prior to the expiry date of an existing UK MOT certificate, provided that you have a current MOT certificate and present this to us at the time of the test. On passing the MOT... >>>
Servicing (from £60)
Getting a regular car service ensures that your car is safe, not just for you but for other road users too. Making sure your car is running at optimum performance also improves fuel efficiency, prolongs the life of your car and can prove to be much cheaper in the long run... >>>
Air Conditioning (from £39)
Over 2/3 of vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard these days. Many of us are familiar with using air-con in our car on both hot and cold days, but not many people are aware that like other parts of your car... >>>
MVS Tuning (free quote)
MVS Tuning provide a wide range of tuning services, and can tune almost any car, van, or truck. We offer different engine tuning services specific to your vehicle. A performance map could significantly increase your power and torque levels, or an economy map... >>>
Repairs (free quote)
No job is too small or too big. From a squeak or a rattle to full engine replacement, we are happy to provide you with a free quotation by phone only. We can then diagnose the problem and the time required to fix the issue... >>>
On-site Welding & Fabrication (free quote)
We provide on-site welding and fabrication, as well as sill replacements, MOT failures, chassis welding and under body protection. Please feel free to give us a call for more details and a free quote... >>>
Engine Management Diagnostics (from £30)
It is a common misconception that modern cars with complex engine management systems can only be diagnosed and serviced by official dealers. With the use of specialist diagnostic equipment, faults within the engine management system can be effectively traced... >>>
Courtesy Car (free)
We appreciate that your life goes on while your vehicle is with us. As a result we offer a free courtesy car on a first come, first served basis. If you live locally, and a courtesy car isn't available, we will happily drive you home... >>>
Exhaust Replacement (free quote)
The exhaust system is an important component of your vehicle. Firstly, the exhaust helps to direct noxious gases away from the cabin, so you will not be exposed to gases that can harm your immediate and long term health... >>>
ECU Remapping, Performance/Fuel Upgrades (from £199)
ECU remapping is an engine tuning service which enables some of the restrictions put on a vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer to be lifted. What you may not have known is that vehicle manufacturers actually limit the performance of vehicles... >>>
Bodywork (free quote)
In association with HM Bodyworx of Blandford, Dorset the portfolio includes: Custom Paintwork (Kandy's, Pearls, Flip Paint, Glitter Effects & Airbrush work). Bodywork & Accident Repairs. The business is insurance approved. Offering full workshop facilities... >>>